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If your camshaft is not available as an aftermarket product, regrinding your existing camshaft could be a great option. Our performance regrind service can also be a cost effective alternative to purchasing new camshafts. Simply send your camshaft/s and we will modify them and send them back to you.

Because we only remove a very small amount of material from the base circle radius, you can be assured that camshaft hardness and geometry will not be adversely effected when choosing a Kelford Cams performance regrind.

Our performance regrinds are designed to offer good power gains for a very small cost.

With more than 45 years of camshaft grinding experience, you can trust us to know what to do to each type of camshaft to extract the ultimate performance and reliability.

We have performance profiles for a range of Japanese, English, American and European engines, such as:

  • Honda - VTEC 1600-2200cc
  • Mazda - 1600-1800 DOHC turbocharged or naturally aspirated
  • Nissan - A12-A15 / E15 / RB20-25DE/T, SR18-20DE/T, VG30
  • Ford - 105-109E / 711F / Zephyr 6 / V6 / Falcons (all models) / Windsor / Cleveland / all other V8's
  • Holden - 6 / V6 / all V8s
  • Cheverolet - all engines
  • Rover - V8
  • Mitsubishi - 4G93 DOHC / 4G63 (all models)

... and many many more.

Contact us today to find out if a performance regrind is the right option for your engine.