Caleb Smith - kelford 288/280s cams in a 2.3l stroker with a holset hx35

"Thank you so much for you're input. I love these cams, love the performance and are some of the best cams iv ran"


Tom McManaway - VY SS Commodore LS1 Cam/Filter/Tune

"I have a couple more to tune soon with Kelford cams including my own 1jz. Thanks for sharing and supplying the best products!"

  Josh H - MK3 Supra 1JZ Kelford 229D Cams Idle

"The cams are fantastic! My tuner was blown away at how well they flowed up to high. I am still amazed that even with all the duration and the big s364sxe turbo the car is still easy to drive on the street! Love my Kelford cam gears too!"

BD Alchemist - Evo X Gtx3582 gen2

"Love it , I would say 95% we r using Kelford Cams on evos and dsms"



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