IAG Performance - FA20 Design

IAG Performance - Kelford Cams Subaru FA20

Kelford Cams was challenged by IAG Performance to Design, Produce and Deliver performance camshafts for the world first Long Block and Cylinder Head program for the FA20F Engine

With the challenge set, work started immediately and within 12mths IAG Performance were testing their first set of 264-EZ cams!

A chance meeting at the track in October 2019 between Kiel Rasmussen, Kelford Cams Sales and Technical Support Manager and JJ Jabaji, IAG’s Principle and Founder, led to Kiel being invited to visit IAG Performance HQ later that year.

JJ was no stranger to Kelford having previously installed Kelford Cams in his professional/personal race set up. Of the visit Kiel remarked “The scale and professionalism of the organisation just blew me away” and while at IAG an exploratory discussion regarding the FA20F Engine was started and the journey began.

The release of the Turbocharged and Direct Injected FA20F in 2015 changed things considerably. Both IAG and Kelford agreed that the introduction of a well-designed performance camshaft meant a beast could be unleashed! The opportunity to work together on the engine was a prospect that excited both IAG and Kelford. Throughout the confidential development, IAG were across the various processes and steps Kelford was progressing through to deliver a world first while IAG kept Kelford briefed on release plans for the engine and the various performance packages.

In December of 2020, despite Covid and the challenges it placed on both companies, Kelford Cams delivered the first set test of 264-EZ cams for the FA20F

The initial dyno pull produced a massive 25hp horsepower gain prior to tuning. Subsequent tuning and testing resulted in a range of camshafts designed to suit IAG Performance expectations of being to be the first to release a comprehensive Long Block and Cylinder Head program to the FA20F market.

The sheer size of the program was sufficient for both parties to agree on an Exclusive Distribution arrangement in North America for IAG Performance. The rest they say is history......