Custom Camshaft Design

When designing a Custom Camshaft the first thing which we consider is the type of valve train that the engine has, is it overhead cam or pushrod, hydraulic or solid, flat or a radius/roller follower. Determining this helps to set out a variety of constraints that the designed lobe will need to adhere too. Next, we look at physical constraints such as spring coil bind, retainer to valve stem seal travel and any other clearance issues which we might run into depending on the size of the camshaft. If you have a cylinder head we have not seen before, or it is extensively modified, it is best to contact us as we may have to take some measurements to produce the most accurate lobe to suit. We have a large library of data on file for most popular performance engines, so we can often design custom lobes with a quick turnaround time.

Finally, we look at the specific application of the engine in question and pick a lobe lift and duration based on the customers’ setup and power requirements. In essence the more information we have on the vehicle set up and objectives the better we are at achieving client’s objectives. Success requires a significant amount of interaction between ourselves, Engine Builder and the Client, basically we can never have too much information. Once we have brought all the relevant data together it is input into our unique Camshaft Design software  package and work commences on the lobe design. This software that we have developed  allows us to create a lobe or catalogue of lobes which meet the requirements of the engine without pushing the valve train too breaking point but at the same time maximises power output  without requiring complicated levels of modifications to install.

We take pride in knowing that our comprehensive range of catalogue cam lobes have all been put through a rigorous design process to ensure that our customers receive the pinnacle of high performance aftermarket cam designs without affecting the reliability or longevity of the engine. Our successes include domination of World Time Attack on 3 continents, the fastest 4-cylinder car in the world along with a host of other records in drag, drift, circuit and a host of downright mean street machines which we are only too happy to discuss.

 Confidentiality clauses will in some cases prohibit us sharing too much information but then that’s why so many people utilise our design services. We are always happy to work through this process for any customer seeking to create a custom camshaft for something that is not in our catalogue, and to specify for them what other components such as valves or springs would be beneficial in making their build stronger and more reliable.