Cylinder Heads

Proven results the world over - Giving you the power to win!

Kelford Cylinder Heads

Why Choose a Kelford Cams Cylinder Head Package?

Easy. You can simply bolt on and race!

Customised. Designed to optimise engine performance specifically for your application

Proven. Our port designs are backed by years of experience, research, development and real results

Intergrated. All components selected and designed to work together for maximum power gains and reliability

Quality. The best components: CHI castings, Ferrea Valves, Kelford Cams, Comp Cams, PAC Racing valve springs and comes with Kelfords standard warranty.

Precise. With a Rottler P69 5-Axis CNC head porting machine centre, you get superior ports

We have the knowledge and experience to help you win! We have modified ports and chambers for multi valve and two valve engines used successfully worldwide in weekend warrior street machines, sport compact drag racing, touring car championships, marathon boat racing, super moto, F3, classic motorcycles racing, rally and rally cross, 1/4 mile dirt oval racing, muscle car racing, most circuit racing classes and more... the list is long.

1UZ head

How We Design and Modify Cylinder Heads

We believe a great cylinder head begins with good understanding of the intended purpose of your engine and the application in which you are using it. Before cutting, we design the valve and port size as well as the port and combustion shapes to suit your needs.

We use only the highest quality parts in our cylinder head packages, CHI Heads castings, Ferrea Valves, Comp Cams, PAC Racing valve springs, and Kelford Cams of course. When you buy a Kelford cylinder head package, you can be assured that your power components will be carefully selected to give you the very best combination for yor particular engine and application.

We use the best equipment to help us do the best job which in turn we hope will help you annihilate your competition. We utilise a Superflow 1020 Pro flow bench. This machine provides flexibility to test at various pressures and gives direct velocity read outs. Our technician has been mapping velocity and working with discharge coefficients for over 20 years. Cylinder heads are ported on a Rottler P69 5-Axis CNC machine, for ultimate quality and consistency.

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Here are Just a Few Cylinder Heads we Have Supplied to Worldwide Racers...

250HP Toyota Altezza tarmac rally car (complete Kelford engine)

1600cc Kawasaki Jet Ski, (supercharger and normally aspirated heads available)

H22 Pro Import normally aspirated head making 349cfm@.600" available with roller cams and rockers

Toyota 4AGE Small Port Rally Head

Subaru WRX Version 6

Nissan FJ20 classic rally car

Honda K20A, stock valves mild port re-shape

Mazda BP1800 stock valves mild port

Nissan R32 Skyline High HP race head

248CI New Zealand V8 stock car race heads

Possum Bourne / Kenneth Erickson hill climb heads

...all of which have custom developed Kelford camshafts.

CNC Porting